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Our Mission

At The Financial Game Planner our mission is to support your entrepreneurial goals. We do that by removing the hat of bookkeeper from the multitude of hats you wear as a business owner. We understand that when you started your business you had a vision and we want to support that vision by delivering accurate financial data you can make sound decisions with. Working with us grows your business at rapid speeds.

We use a proprietary software that helps you not just grow your business but increase your revenue without spending a dime on marketing.

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The Financial Game Planner | 8549 Wilshire Blvd, #2078, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 323-544-3636

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About Alisha

Starting from a “check balancing” class my Sophomore year in HS the foundation of balancing books was set. As a Libra I am all about balance but adding numbers to my scales fulfilled my soul.

As a young adult I lived by “I’ll try ANYTHING once” and used that to work in many industries long enough to understand them. I tried fast food, medical, hospitality, landscaping, fashion, beauty, residential construction, commercial real estate investment analysis, real estate appraisal, real estate salesperson, and mortgage loan originator.

Amid working, I attended various free money management classes held by different banks in my neighborhood. From them I gained an understanding of why money was so important, what value it adds, different strategies for saving, allocating, investing it, secured and unsecured credit. Using that wisdom I learned what not to do with money by experimenting with my own. I later learned that was a big no-no.

I settled at Roosevelt University and studied Business Finance. College gave me foundational knowledge for business and accounting. I learned business marketing and the importance of accurately pricing inventory from real world experiences.

I learned no business in any industry can survive without customers. Customers bring the cash flow. That and good business acumen of the company decision maker determines how long a business lasts.

Today I am a business owner and financial strategist. Since that check writing class my Sophomore year of high school I have helped thousands of friends and family for free manage their finances, create budgets, and financial plans that helped them see more of their money aside from paying bills.

Seeing so many businesses shut down after covid troubled me because small to medium size businesses help the economy of local communities and as long as each local community had money circulating within it, there could be less frequent economic downturns… it became my goal.

April of 2023 I turned my hobby into a business called The Financial Game Planner, a bookkeeping firm aimed helping business owners increase their revenue through accurate bookkeeping and the use of the profit acceleration tool, a tool I use to help you increase your revenue by $100,000 without increasing your marketing.

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The Financial Game Planner | 8549 Wilshire Blvd, #2078, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 323-544-3636

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Our Services


Monthly Financial Statements

All the clues needed to grow your business are in the financial statements. We deliver our financial statements with easy to understand interpretation videos you can refer back to anytime.

Bookkeeping Services

Eliminate the financial stress of maintaining your books. Increase your revenue by reducing the time you spend on bookkeeping and applying that time to your customers, clients, marketing efforts, etc.

We can help with:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll management
  • Invoice management
  • Bill payment management
  • Catch up on your books
  • Clean up errors
  • Deliver tax ready statements so your tax preparer can save you money on taxes
  • And deliver monthly financial statements so you always know how your business is measuring up to your goals

Bookkeeping services tailored to your needs

Corporate Entity Structure Analysis

Sole proprietors are taxed as individuals who pay higher tax percentages than corporations. As your income increases it may be wise to change your corporate structure to take advantage of the tax benefits that go along with it. Throughout the year we will be monitoring your income and will alert you if a new corporate structure is recommended. This will be great news for you because it means your business is growing in a healthy way.

The Financial Game Planner | 8549 Wilshire Blvd, #2078, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 323-544-3636

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The Financial Game Planner | 8549 Wilshire Blvd, #2078, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 323-544-3636